Video kamere so sestavljena iz treh glavnih sestavin

However, on a tougher lane condition, also known as a “sport” condition, I think the righties have an advantage. On this type of condition, your margin for error is diminished, meaning you have to be more accurate to throw a strike with regular consistency. However, when these conditions break down, you don’t have to be as accurate and still get the ball into the pocket.

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Canada Goose sale A camcorder je opredeljena kot prenosni elektronsko napravo, ki se uporablja za zapisovanje zvonih in video s pomojo vgrajene snemalnik enote. Video kamere so sestavljena iz treh glavnih sestavin, ki so lee, imager in snemalnik. Lea se uporablja za zbiranje svetlobe in usmerjena imager je. V imager nato pretvori to svetlobe, ki dosee na to v elektrini signal. Konni korak vkljuuje kodiranje video signala v spravljen obrazec, ki se izvajajo v snemalniku. Canada Goose sale

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